"Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me."  Matthew 18:5

What would it mean if our church and families were known as the people who adopt babies, toddlers, children and teenagers.  What if we as Christians were known as the people who take in orphans and make of them beloved sons and daughters? 
Russell Moore,  Adopted For Life

Truly - What if?  Orphans are dear to God's heart and He is calling us to stand in the gap in some way.  Adoption just may be that way!!!  :)

Where ever you are in your adoption journey we want to support and encourage you!!

When God puts the desire on your heart to adopt, just the idea is like protecting precious jewels. The words spoken to your heart by God about His call and desire for you to bring a child or children into your family through adoption are protected in your heart before you share it with anyone.

You will know when it is time to move forward in contacting agencies. Each step of the way ask God to confirm His will for your family:
-Which agency?
-Domestic or International?
-An older child, toddler or baby?
-Open or closed adoption?

The choices can seem overwhelming, but you will feel God's peace as you take steps in the right direction.

While you are waiting to be matched or are waiting for your child to come home it is good to connect with other families who have adopted. It is important to have a support network of friends that you can call when your child comes home. Some transitions to home and family life are uneventful, others are more challenging.  Having that support network already in place will be a blessing.  

We have a support group that meets at Timberline once a month. We can also help you connect with other support groups in Northern Colorado.

For more information contact Kari Stewart at