Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Oh my goodness - These siblings are absolutely precious. They are waiting for YOU!!

Okay, no pressure really. Please pray for Delfino (5 years old), Serenity (4 years old) and Jacob (almost 2) as they wait!!! Share their information with your family and friends. You just might be the connection they need to finding their family. :)

Here is a brief profile that their case worker wrote about them:

Meet this wonderful sibling group! There is Delfino, who is the big brother; Serenity, the middle child; and Jacob, the youngest. Delfino has tons of energy. He has made a lot of progress since coming into care. Playing with other kids and trusting adults are two things he has been learning. Talkative and curious, Delfino needs reinforcement from parental figures and would be very happy to have two parents who love him. This little guy loves to eat spicy foods. Serenityis also progressing well. She can be very charming and follows directions with ease. Active and talkative, this lass loves her baby dolls and giving hugs. Jacob, youngest of the group, is an appealing, active child. He is happy being held and wants plenty of attention. Jacob needs patient and structured parents who can help him reach his potential. He is a very curious and strong-willed toddler.

You can contact the Adoption Exchange for more information. 303-755-4756

Their case numbers are:
9745, 9746, 9747

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for where God has led us this year!!


I am Thankful!!!

God has allowed Welcome Child and Timberline Church to be a part of something we could never imagine. In fact it is not something we would have went looking for.
When we met with Children's Hopechest, we asked to be partnered with a pastor on the ground in Haiti that was ministering to orphans.

Our intent was to come alongside what God was calling him and his community to do in Haiti. As we began to take teams to this orphanage on a regular basis we began to notice inconsistencies in the food that we were having delivered, the items that were donated disappeared, we began to see signs of abuse and the children began opening up to us and other organizations that were at the orphanage frequently. We began documenting these things, not realizing that God was going to use this documentation to set these kids free from the situation that they were in.

The spiritual warfare that we have experienced personally and as a team has been unlike anything any of us has ever experienced. While we didn't go looking to be partnered with an orphanage such as this, we are so thankful that God led us there. We have learned more about God's heart for justice - we have learned more about God's power and authority - we have learned that the power of prayer is POWERFUL INDEED!!! Not for just those that were directly involved, but to call others to join in the battle through prayer and fasting.

We have seen multiple miracles and mountains moved in the last few months:

- organizations working diligently together to be one voice for these children.
- meetings that we were told would never happen:
* with judges and magistrates
* direct contact with President and First Lady Martelly
- favor for our teams as they took each step in obedience here in the US and in Haiti
- closing of Son of God Orphanage
- new person placed in position at the head of IBESR
- our teams connecting with these kids in their new homes.

One of the most precious miracles is the extention of Katia's story. After we shared with the panel of organizations about Katia's serious risk of dying in the care of those at Son of God Orphanage, she disappeared the next day (see post on November 3). We were heart broken. After a diligent search by authorities in Haiti we were told to presume that Katia had died. It was devestating to all who had heard Katia's story. Her life made God's word come alive in people's hearts. Their hearts rose in justice to advocate for children who are at risk like Katia.

Two weeks ago we heard that Katia and another missing little girl from Son of God had been found and brought into care. They are both at the girls home in Port au Prince with all of the other girls from Son of God. I cannot even describe how precious it was to me to pick up and love on this little girl that I thought had died and had mourned for.

She is happy - she has gained weight - she is smiling - she is laughing and I heard her talk for the first time. She has always been so sick that I have never heard her say anything. I saw her taking care of the little ones. Katia's life is a MIRACLE! Not only did God sustain her through the time that she was missing and on her own - she flourished. Is it possible that God was with her the whole time and that his angels were loving and feeding her? I believe it is!!!

You can tell by the pictures below that Katia is doing exceedingly well. When Tiffany and I were in Haiti a few weeks ago, Tiffany taught the kids how to sign I love you and touch your signed fingers together. After scooping Katia up in my arms I signed "I love you" to her and her face lite up in rememberence. She quickly signed I love you and reached her signed hand to touch mine.

Dear God - Thank you for allowing us to share in this amazing journey for these children. We are grateful that you have allowed our heart to feel a portion of your heart's cry for children just like Katia. You oh God - cry out for justice and mercy in such a powerful way that you call us to be your hands and feet here on this earth. We love you Lord and are thankful that you led us to advocate for these children. In your precious name we pray - Amen.

He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you. But to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?
Micah 6:8

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family - take time to Thank God for this miracle!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you - May your time with family and friends be sweet!! :)


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Adoption Poem


Not flesh of my flesh,
Nor bone of my bone,
But still miraculously my own:
Never forget for a single minute -
You didn't grow under my heart,
But in it.


Today we celebrated 3 finalization hearings!!!

Congratulations to the Branchflower and Alverson Families! Your persistence, patience and prayers shined through in this much anticipated day. :)

Photo1.jpg Photo1.jpg
Photo1.jpg Photo1.jpg

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Can I Do?

Many of you have asked, "what can I do?".

These kids have been through so much. We saw the emotional and physical impact this situation has had on all of these kids.

What if we could raise enough money to get every single one of those kids their own bed, much needed medical care, counseling, and a new outfit? What if we could get them all school uniforms, school supplies, pay their school fees so they could feel more connected to their community?

With your help - we can!!

We have started a fund to do this very thing. It is called Katia's House. Tax deductible donations will provide these things for the kids.

Our long term goal is to open a safe house in honor of Katia. Katia's House will be a home where we can provide a safe home for children in Haiti who are rescued from crisis situations like this one.

Please consider making a donation to help these kids.

- $150 will buy a bunk bed with 2 mattresses (a bed for 2 kids)

- $90 will pay school fees for a student to go to school for a year

- $75 will provide much needed medical treatment, IV fluids, medicine, etc.

- $25 will provide a week of a well balanced meals for one child

Larger donations are needed to cover the long term costs such as education and psychological treatment.

Tax deductible donations can be mailed to:

Joy To The World Foundation, Inc.

4570 Hilton Parkway, Suite 203

Colorado Springs, CO 80907719-260-1173

Check made out to Joy to the World Foundation

Memo: Katia’s House


You can donate online at:

- Tiffany Cherry :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"I Love You" - Katia's Story

The below stories were written on October 13, 2011 after Tiffany and I went to Haiti to present documents to a panel of organizations stating the need for IMMEDIATE intervention in the lives of the children living at Son of God Orphanage.

We just returned from another quick trip to the orphanage in Haiti last night. We arrived at the orphanage late Monday morning. It was obvious there were many sick kids (nothing new there). We were given permission by the directors to take some of the kids down the street to a medical clinic to have them checked out. We grabbed as many kids as we could carry and the ones that looked most desperate. We knew we needed to look for a little girl that is 5 years old and had been taken to the clinic just one month ago by one of our teams. Let me give you a little history on her story............................................

A precious 5 year girl, was in the worst condition they had ever seen. A couple of months ago she had mumps from head to toe, a month later she was in a body cast that covered her from her waist to her feet. When they found her last month she had an extremely high fever and like all of the other children – horrible skin conditions. She had lost most of her weight and she couldn’t even lift her head. After pleading with the "caretakers" of the orphanage they released her to let them take her to a local medical clinic.

The doctor at the clinic examined her and determined that she had infections that were destroying her, she was nearing death. He told them that if she doesn’t get proper care right away she will die of infections and malnutrition. He gave them a prescription and orders to give her a high protein drink and medicine 3 times a day for the next 2 weeks.

They were able to administer the medication for a few days, but they had to leave to come back to the United States. They left the medication with the "caretakers" of the orphanage and instructions, with hope but doubt that they would take care of her properly.

So it was very important for us to find her and get her checked again. We quickly found her and took her with us. While we waited in the waiting room for the Doctor, this little girl was silent and sat with her head down. Earlier before going to the clinic we had taught the kids that holding up your thumb, pointer finger and pinkie all at the same time meant, I love you! So as we were waiting, the other children with us were showing us with their little fingers and telling us in their broken English with their sweet little voices " I love you"

It was her turn to see the Doctor. I sat her in a chair and knelt down in front of her while the doctor started to take her temp and check her over. She sat still with her head down. I slowly reached out my hands for her to hold and she slowly grabbed both of my hands. At that moment she lifted her head and starred into my eyes (full of tears of course). The Doctor proceeded to tell me, she is not well......... he is very scared for her........ She needed to eat and she needed to be on a nutritional program. He wrote me a referral to send her to a place he knows of and asked me to try and get the directors at the orphanage to allow me to take her there. As I carried her out of the room, she put her three little fingers up and in the softest voice said "I love you". At that moment all the strength I had to keep it together was gone. I told her I loved her too and kissed her on the cheek. I knew the directors would not allow us to take her to the clinic. My options were limited...... Do I sneak her out and take her anyway? That is what I wanted to do but I knew the trouble I would get into for doing that.

I love you............... Had she ever heard those words before? Did she truly know what it meant to be loved? I pray that she knows we love her and we will continue to fight for her and all the kids at that orphanage!

As of today there are still no leads on what has happened with Katia. We are grieving the possibility that something happened to her. We shared her story in our meeting on Tuesday and told all of the organizations present that, "Katia is dying in their care".

- written by Tiffany Cherry, Welcome Child Global Orphan Ministry Leader

I have never seen or held someone whose life was so fragile and vulnerable. When the doctor at the clinic began to examine her, Tiffany was standing in front of her whispering words of love and encouragement and I was holding little Guerlande who would not let me out of her sight. I set Guerlande down on the bed beside Katia and got my camera out so that I could take pictures of the doctor examining Katia.

It is hard to describe the feeling of respect for life that filled the room at that moment. It was a moment of quiet awe of being in the presence of something so close to heaven. I think we all felt the presence of the Comforter right there in that room. While I positioned my camera to take a picture - a feeling of Katia's life being so fragile that it would be disrespectful washed over me and I couldn't take a picture.

Dear Sweet Katia - your gentle spirit will never be forgotten. We will keep fighting to find out where you are and fighting for the release of your friends who are at Son of God. Your pain has changed us forever. You are deeply loved.

-written by me - Kari Stewart, Welcome Child Director

It is hard to believe that almost one month has went by since this happened. God used that visit as a culmination of many visits and inquiries to open doors for the children to be removed from Son of God Orphanage. There is still much work to be done. We trust and commit the next steps that need to be taken to God.

Sweet Katia was never found and we have been told to presume that she has past away. While our hearts grieve, we know that she is healthy, whole and in the presence of her loving Heavenly Father.

Over the last year in this journey in orphan ministry I have learned that my heart truly does not belong to me. The brokenness that God allowed us to feel for these children was not a brokenness that left us hopeless or defeated. It propelled us to pray, fast, act, seek, listen and speak on their behalf. It has had a radical effect on our entire church.

He has told you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you. But to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? Micah 6:8

More to follow soon on how you can help!! :)