Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tom Davis at Timberline

Children's HopeChest - Engaging, Connecting and Transforming The World's Orphans
Tom Davis and the staff of Children's HopeChest will be at Timberline Church on July 31/Aug. 1. Tom will be available to sign copies of his new book Priceless on Sunday Aug. 1 from 8:30 - 1:00. Children's HopeChest will bring their new Orphan Experience Exhibit. It is a powerful exhibit, allowing us as the viewers to hear and see first hand how orphans are at risk for sex trafficking.

Sex Trafficking is not on my list of favorite things to talk about, especially child sex trafficking. It is horrific and painful to even think about. However, just because it is painful and uncomfortable to talk about doesn't mean we are to be quiet about it. Sex Trafficking of children is real. Children that are orphans are at a high risk because there is no one, NO ONE who cares if they don't come back. That statement right there made me stop, pray and take a deep breathe. There may be no one on this earth that cares for them, but they have a Heavenly Father who cares deeply for them. And because Jesus cares deeply for them, that means we should too. Jesus believes that someone should stand up for them, that means we should STAND. Jesus cries for them so that means we need to be willing to let God get a hold of our hearts and minds regarding this tough realization so that we too can cry for the abuse these children face numerous times a day.
I believe God is calling us, "his children" to stand in the gap in whatever way He presents to us. In an article that Tom Davis recently wrote titled "The New Face of Slavery" he lists Five Ways that we can get involved:
Pray: Ask God to fulfill His promises to orphans, and to position you exactly in the spot where you can make the greatest difference.
Fast: Every Wednesday a group of believers from across the country meet on the phone to
fast and pray for children trapped in poverty, abandonment, and violence. You can look up
Give: Our sense of ownership and relationship increases dramatically once we have put some financial “skin” in the game.
Serve: When you put yourself in the “fields of the fatherless,” God will work directly through
your hands to love orphans.
Share: Share your orphan ministry experiences with others, and invite them to get in the

Scroll down to page 20

Please email me if you have any questions!! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Russian Orphan Choir

We at Welcome Child and Timberline Church have the amazing honor of hosting this group of orphans from Russia. They are in the states performing to advocate for adoption and orphan care.
They will be performing at Timberline Church in the South Auditorium at 6:00pm on Sunday, July 25. Please come and meet these precious children. Their greatest desire is be adopted into a family. :)
For more information please contact Kari Stewart -

Sam is waiting in China for his family!!!


This young man's story touched my heart and I wanted to share his story with you in hopes that maybe his forever family will read about him here.
AAC Adoption and Family Network met Sam in April 2010 at a Journey of Hope camp.

Here is a description written by the staff at AAC:
"This little guy is six years old. He has deformity of some of his fingers and one of his feet. Sam is one of the most amazing children I have every met. Despite his handicap he is capable of doing anything. His personality is so very lively and vivacious. Not only did he participate in every physical activity of the Journey of Hope Camp, he was out there leading on many occasions. His ability and spirit are truly amazing."

Regardless of a child's disability they deserve the love of a forever family. Please pray for Sam to be matched with his forever family soon!!!! :)
Please contact AAC at (970) 532-3576 for more information. You can also visit their website at:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Agape Outreach International

Tororo Uganda 016.jpg
Tororo Uganda 057.jpg

Agape Outreach International is partnering with a ministry in Tororo, Uganda. They are hosting a benefit garage sale at South Gate Church in Fort Collins on July 23 and 24 to raise money for windows and doors needed to complete this building to the satisfaction of the government to allow the kids to stay there.
Here are some ways that you can help:
-Donate items
-Volunteer to help set-up
-Shop at the sale (I love garage sales!!)
-Volunteer to help during the sale
-Volunteer to clean-up after the sale
-Share with your friends about this sale
For more information about volunteering please contact:
Russell & Sherry Peck
Agape Outreach International
The Power to Change the Life of a Child is in Your Hands
(970) 290-5090

Please contact Russ and Sherry to see how you can help out with this event!!!! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Backpack of My Own

You can make a difference!!!
Timberline Church is partnering with Foster and Adoptive Families of Larimer County to provide filled backpacks for foster and adoptive families of Larimer County. Thank you to all of you have signed up to fill a backpack. A personal note (attached on the outside) on the backpack is not required, but I can tell you that that kids and the parents are so blessed by those notes. In fact those were the first backpacks selected last year. If you have not signed up yet, it is not too late. Our drop-off dates are July 31/Aug.1 and Aug. 7/8 during all services in the mall area. Filled Backpacks can also be dropped off at the church office.

Recommended Supply List-

24 pk crayons
1 pk markers
1 pk colored pencils
5 glue sticks
24 pencils
2 blue pens
2 black pens
yellow highlighter
5 spiral notebooks
5 2-pocket folders, different colors
ruler - inches and metric
pink eraser
5x8 schoolbox
1 box tissue
4th and 5th graders - basic calculator

Middle School:
3 1" 3-ring binder
3 pkgs loose leaf notebook paper - wide ruled
24 pencils
blue pen
black pen
1 pkg markers - 12 ct
1 pkg colored pencils - 12 ct
pencil bag
3 2-pocket folders - 3 prong
5 spiral notebooks
divider tabs - 2 sets of 5
calculator - basic

High School:
3 1" 3-ring binders
3 pkgs loose leaf paper - wide and college ruled
divider tabs - 2 pkgs of 5
24 pencils
blue and black pens - 5 each
2 2-pocket folders - 3 prong
combination lock
book covers for text books
index cards - ruled and unruled

Extra Items Needed:
Scientific Calculators
flash drives
graph paper black sharpies
sticky notes
hand sanitizer

Thank you for your faithfulness to help with this outreach.
For more information contact: Kari at

"Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it for Me." Matthew 25:40

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ukraine Orphan Outreach - 9NEWS

This story will bless your heart. Ukraine Orphan Outreach gives these kids an opportunity for new experiences and give families in Northern Colorado the opportunity to have God touch their hearts to move towards action to help these kids find their forever family. :)

You can contact Ukraine Orphan Outreach at:

9News Link to the Story:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Why Every Christian Is Called to Rescue Orphans

From Jedd Medefind of Christian Alliance for Orphans:

July’s CHRISTIANITY TODAY: Why Every Christian Is Called to Rescue Orphans

It’s a beautiful thing. For Christians who yearn to see the Church grow impassioned for the Gospel and the orphan, the newly-arrived July edition of Christianity Today is little short of thrilling. The cover declares, Abba Changes Everything: Why every Christian is called to rescue orphans. Inside, an excellent introduction framing the magazine is headlined, “Adoption is Everywhere. Even God is into it.”
That the leading print voice of evangelicalism in America would choose to make orphan care and adoption the center of its July magazine underscores what many of us already knew: God is stirring His people to again be known as those who “defend the cause of the fatherless” (Is 1:17).
Page 18 begins a tremendous article by Russell Moore, which gave the magazine its cover language, “Abba Changes Everything.” I’ve heard Dr. Moore articulate this message from the podium, via radio and over the dinner table, but I must admit I felt my heart expand against my ribcage as I read this fresh expression. Beautiful and heartbreaking; daunting and inspiring; and profoundly rooted in the ultimate reason for it all: the Father-love of our God revealed through the Gospel.
Page 23 starts the cover story, “Coming Alongside Parents: Churches are getting real about adoption’s challenges—and helping families after the child arrives.” It shares the experience of Summit VI and highlights the robust growth of orphan ministry within churches. Writes author Carla Barnhill, “…[T]he Summit drew more than 1,200 attendees, most of them ministering to orphans through their home churches. Watching those gathered, I knew this was not my parent’s generation.”
Finally, page 52 carries the section “My Top 5 Books on Orphan Care” that I had the opportunity to provide: Russell Moore’s Adopted for Life, Dr. Karyn Purvis’ The Connected Child; Melissa Fay Greene’s There is No Me Without You; Tom Davis’ Fields of the Fatherless, and Doug Sauder’s The One Factor. (Several others came to mind after I’d submitted that I wish I’d included as well, but five was the limit).
These articles are available to read on-line at:

I love this quote in the article:
"there are no "adopted children" of God, as an ongoing category. Adoption tells us how we came into the family of God. And once we are here, no distinction is drawn between those at the dinner table"
This article is full of powerful truth. Be blessed and encouraged that you are on the journey God has called you to. He has equipped you and will never leave you wondering where to go next. Ask - He will answer!!! :)