Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Breakfast Bags filled for Homeless Gear :)

U Count Partnered with Homeless Gear to advocate for the need of filled Breakfast Bags. These bags were filled with 3 food items and 2 drinks. Their goal was to fill 1,000 bags. Tonight they had their final packing event and the total bags filled after tonight was 2,735!!!!! Thank you Timberline Church for supporting this effort in such a significant way. :)

Is Homelessness a problem in Colorado?

On Monday night, January 29th, 2007 there were an estimated 15,394 homeless men, women, and children in Colorado.

Read the complete article at:

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kids for Kyla Adoption Grant

Kids for Kyla Kids for Kyla Infertility and Adoption Grant

Kids for Kyla is now accepting applications to extend its first grant to couples who are in the process of adoption or going through infertility treatments. :)

Go to the website below and click on the button that looks like this to download a copy of the application. Applications must be mailed in and received by February 17, 2012.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Surviving and Thriving Family Wellness Event

Register for this Event today!! Finally Home Foundation is committed to supporting families who have adopted or provide foster care. The time that you spend in this class will strengthen your marriage, give you tools in dealing with conflict and help you know that you are not alone in the challenges that you face in this journey. The best part is there is no charge to attend this event. Lunch and snacks are provided. :)


Surviving & Thriving

A Free Marriage and Family Wellness Event


Saturday, March 3rd


(check-in at 8:30am)

Lunch and refreshments provided

Faith Evangelical Free Church

3920 South Shields Street

Fort Collins, Colorado 80526

RSVP by February 27th

For more information and registration, contact

Kristin Orphan at Kristin@finallyhomefoundation.net

**Excellent childcare and activities for 0-12 years.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guarding Beauty that lives here still

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Naomi and Ruth. Ruth's love and commitment to Naomi is clearly stated in:

Ruth 1:16
Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.

As an adoptive mom, I see the parallels of Ruth and Naomi's story being very similar to the struggles and emotions that we go through as an adoptive parent.

This song by Nicole Nordeman and Amy Grant titled: "I'm with you" tells the story beautifully.

As you listen to this song, I think you will see that you and your foster/adoptive child are actually on the same side. A line in this songs says: "falling on your hands and knees, trying to gather up my dreams trying to hold onto to anything". While at times it feels like we are opposing each other, we are each trying desperately in our own way to keep our hopes and dreams (individually and collectively) from slipping away.

While ours kids display behaviors and emotions that stem from their past, our hearts grieve for what they have experienced and felt.

It is clear in God's Word that He is near the brokenhearted.

Psalms 34:18
The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit.

This is promise that we can stand on!! God is near us and our children as we walk through this valley of healing. :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finally Home Foundation

Welcome Child Ministries is honored to partner with Finally Home Foundation. The impact that FHF is making in supporting adoptive and foster families through their one day "Surviving and Thriving" Family Wellness Events is significant. :)

FHF News
January, 2012
Table of Contents
2012 Event Dates
Click on a date for more information and to register as an attendee or volunteer.
Article Image

During November and December, FHF gave out four Encouragement Packages consisting of a $50 gift card, a customized family pillow and an invitation to an FHF Event. Thank you for giving the gift of encouragement!
"Thanks for the encouragement package. What a blessing!"
Heather & Brandon Alverson
Reach More Families
Deadline to double your gift fast approaching
FHF was given a $30,000 match gift in December and since then, our partners have given $26,696. We only have $3,304 more to go to reach our $30K goal and make the most of this generous match gift.
The deadline to finish the match is January 31 in order to launch the 2012 Reach More Families Advance. When you commit to this essential project, here’s what you’ll help accomplish:
  • Identify foster/adoptive families with the greatest needs.
  • Invite families to a special day where they’ll learn how valued they are and how to network with other families.
  • Where they’ll be safe to ask questions
  • Where they’ll hear practical ways to nurture their marriage & care for children with prior abuse and neglect
Because you care, five special days will be held where foster/adoptive parents will learn they’re not alone, and that success for wounded children is far closer than they know today.
The investment for a one-day Reach More Families event is $5,000 (includes 100 meals, specialized children’s program, handouts for parents, ABC's of Character book & "Super Heroes Academy" t-shirt for all of the kids).
You can go online and set up a one time gift towards the match gift OR a recurring, monthly donation at www.finallyhomefoundation.net. Any amount will help us Reach More Families in 2012.
FHF Launches Scholarship Program
A new ministry is launched!
Article Image
In January, 2011, FHF launched a mental health scholarship program. Recognizing that many families do not have the resources to provide the kind of intervention that children with acute emotional trauma require, FHF worked to establish a program to address this gap.
In keeping with the vision to "equip communities to rally around the heroes who are foster and adoptive families," FHF is always looking for strategic partnerships that serve families effectively in the areas where they are hurting the most.
2011 FHF Mental Health Scholarship Recipient:
"Our 15 year old daughter has been living at a Therapeutic Group Home for almost 8 months and the emotional struggle of that has taken some getting used to. Being in full-time, support-based ministry, we live on a modest income and found it equally challenging to cover the expenses related to our daughter's "out of home care". Receiving the scholarship from FHF has been a huge blessing to us during this time. Several of our ministry supporters have wanted to help by giving to the scholarship fund which has relieved a good deal of the burden of trying to pay for our daughter's care out of our normal income. We are very grateful for the servant-hearted help and encouragement we have received from the staff and volunteers of FHF!" Shannon and Susan
This effort has grown into it's own partnering non-profit organization called, Adoptive Families Coalition.

"It’s truly been an honor to help birth an organization dedicated to coming alongside foster and adoptive families in crisis." Mark VanDruff, Chairman of FHF Board
For more information on the launch of this new organization, you may contact:
Adoptive Families Coalition,
PO Box 54281, Phoenix, AZ 85078
Jackie Palmer, 602-740-7149
Carol Barger, 602-390-0220

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day!

Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day!!

A special weekend is coming up soon to spotlight U COUNT Campaign at Timberline Church. Make plans to attend one of our weekend services to find out more about how you can get involved!

Saturday - January 28 at 5:00pm and Sunday - January 29 at 8:30,10:00,11:30.

With your help
U COUNT is making a difference in the lives of women and children in India. :)

U COUNT new header





U COUNT Campaign Spotlight Weekend!

When: January 28/29

Where: Timberline Church - all services

Don't miss this wonderful weekend of celebration. The U COUNT Campaign Team will share photos, videos and personal accounts of the trip we made to Kolkata, India, where we met the beautiful women and children who are the inspiration behind all that we do!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Support The Adoption Exchange

Purchase a frosty key chain from Wendy's for $1 now through February 29th (while supplies last). Not only will you be supporting The Adoption Exchange, you will get a free jr. frosty with any purchase through December 31, 2012. YUM!!! :)

Wendy's Keytag

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Get threaded into God's Story ---

Perspectives Class beginning on Monday, January 16th at 6:00pm. It's not to late to register!! This class will meet at Timberline Church in Fort Collins, CO. If you do not live in Northern CO and would like to find a class meeting near you go to: http://class.perspectives.org/Visitor/FindAClass.aspx

world christian movement logo

Why Perspectives

Perspectives helps believers from all walks of life see how they can get threaded into God’s story of redeeming people from every tribe, tongue, and nation to Himself. From Genesis to the prophets, Jesus Christ to the early church, and Constantine to today, you will see how God has been moving, how the global Church has responded, and what the greatest needs in world evangelization remain today. It isn’t a class about missions, but a course on how every believer can be intimately woven into the story of God using His people to be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth.Endorsements and Videos

The Perspectives Reader is a collection of the best articles by a wide variety of Biblical scholars, historians, missiologists, and practicioners. The Perspectives Study Guide helps students navigate through the Reader and ushers students through the study of God’s mission and character through the Bible, Christian history, culture, and the task remaining in world evangelization. Class activities and our unique instructor format bring the class alive to explore what God is doing in the world today.

Learn more » 15 Lesson Summaries | Core Principles

15 Instructors
The most unique aspect of the course is the diversity and quality of our instructors. Generally, every class schedules a lineup of Biblical scholars, missionaries, pastors, professors, and mobilizers who bring a wealth of experience and passion to each lesson. Some are flown in and some are local. You just may meet a businessman who’s using his company to bless an impoverished African country, a pastor from a local church, or a missionary fresh back from Timbuktu (that actually is a city in North Africa!).
Instructors: Login for instructor resources | Apply to become an instructor

Three Levels Available
With students ranging from 16 to 92, we know everyone is at a different season of life. While the course is accredited forUndergrad and Graduate Level Credit, most aren’t looking for credit and opt for the Certificate Level of study. This includes the best articles, weekly reviews graded by alumni who give feedback to help you grasp the concepts, and an integrative project which ties all you have learned together. The Key Reading Level is a more basic level of a few selected articles each week and some journal responses. We highly recommend everyone taking it for Certificate Level unless you are seeking college credit.

You can register today at:

For more information contact:
Glenn Gilbert - glenn.perspectives@gmail.com
Stan Myers -samyers7@gmail.com

Friday, January 6, 2012

U Count Partnering with Homeless Gear

Timberline Church and U COUNT Campaign has partnered with Homeless Gear to provide breakfast snack bags to the overnight shelter in Fort Collins.

Currently there are not enough permanent beds in the two homeless night shelters to provide shelter to everyone that wants it. People who utilize the emergency overflow night shelter do not receive a warm meal in the morning as they do at the permanent shelters.

We have adopted the month of February and plan to collect, assemble and deliver 1,000 bags. We are collecting items now thru the end of January & will begin distributing bags in February.


· Collect and provide component parts of each bag

· Provide completed breakfast bags (ready to distribute)

· Provide cash for us to purchase components for the bags
(checks can be made out to Timberline Church w/Breakfast Bags in the memo line)
· . Provide labor to assemble bags

Components of Breakfast Sacks Must Be:

· Able to be easily opened without mechanical devise
· Able to be eaten straight away or by adding hot water

· Non perishable or shelf life longer than 6 months

· Commercially produced and packaged

· In individual sized containers

Typical Breakfast Sack Components (these are just ideas):

Lunch sized paper bag or grocery bag, plastic spoons and forks, napkin

Granola Bars, Raisins, Oatmeal or other Instant Hot Cereal
Juice Box, Cereal Snack Boxes & Powdered Milk Fruit Roll Ups or Fruit Snacks, Peanut Butter Crackers Jerky, Trail Mix, Nuts, Fruit Cups, Pudding Cups Hot Chocolate Packets (just add water), Instant Soups, Instant Mac and Cheese

We suggest the following for each bag:
· 3 food items – these do not need to be breakfast items. · 2 drink items – one ready to drink and one that hot water can be added (hot chocolate, tea, coffee etc.)

Please drop off items at the bin marked Breakfast Bags located at guest services or by the South auditorium.

For more information contact Misty Wisdo at:

You made an impact in the lives of children in Haiti in 2011

Dear Friends - As we enter 2012 our mind's and heart's are replaying and processing all that transpired in Orphan Ministry in 2011.

You played a significant role in the miracle that happened in Haiti this past year. You were part of a team that went to serve, you were a sponsor of one of the children at Son of God, you were faithful to cover the kids and our teams in prayer (calling out the kids name in prayer - powerful indeed!). Each one of these roles were equally significant!

The girls continue to transition beautifully into their new home at Life is Wealth. They are all healthy - Praise God!! They attend school every day - they are part of the church family right there on campus - they have a safe place to sleep and two meals a day. A MIRACLE!!

The boys are still at the boys home in Carrefour. While this isn't the best situation, they are healthy, they attend school, they have friends and 2-3 meals a day. They know deep in their hearts the truth of God's word and the truth of the songs that many of our teams taught them. I am sure that while they may not be able to sing them out loud at the boys home, when they lay down to sleep those songs comfort them. God is at work, even through things unseen.

Throughout the last year we have partnered with several organizations in the US advocating for the needs of these kids. We began to sense God leading us to ask one of these organizations to take over the sponsorship of all of the girls at Life is Wealth Orphanage. This really resonated with Hearts United for Haiti. Their board recently met and feel God is leading them to be the direct contact with the directors at Life is Wealth and facilitate the sponsorship of all of the girls. Their director, Crystal Funk has been a significant part of helping the girls transition at Life is Wealth. Crystal and her daughter Emily stayed at the orphanage with the girls for several weeks. During this time they built a trusting relationship with the directors. That relationship will have an impact on the future of each of these girls. Please contact Crystal directly to let her know you would like to continue to sponsor the girl that you have been sponsoring or that you would like to begin sponsoring one of them. Her email address is:

We will still be involved with the girls lives at Life is Wealth. Our teams will be able to visit them while we are in Haiti. We just will not be part of the daily decisions and sponsorship component.

Psalm 89:13-14
Thou hast a strong arm; Thy hand is mighty, Thy right hand is exalted. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Thy throne; Lovingkindness and truth go before Thee.

Prayer Points heading into 2012:

- Crystal and her team are able to receive 100% sponsorship of all the girls at Life is Wealth.

- That the boys and girls grow in faith, confidence and knowledge of God's love for them and for their country. God LOVES Haiti and cares deeply about the people there.

- Spiritual mountains would continue to be moved in Haiti in such a way that they would see sweet revival sweep through their county.

- The Holy Spirit would relentlessly pursue and protect those who can effect change in Haiti.

Through this last year - there is one thing that speaks boldly to us. Never Once did we walk alone!! God was faithful at every turn to give us just what we needed in knowledge, in strength, in endurance, in perserverance and in unity as the body of Christ.

The above song by Matt Redman speaks to the journey that we have been on for the last year. As you listen to it, let the words sink into your heart at the depth of God's hand in ours over the last year. With joy our hearts can say - Never Once did we walk alone!!!

On Sunday - January 22nd at 11:30 in Room 205 we would like to meet and answer any questions or concerns that you have about all that has transpired this last year. What is on your heart is important to us!!

Through your obedience in 2011 - God used you to effect change for all of these children!!!!

Blessings to you and your families!!

Pastor Mark, Sean, Tiffany and Kari :)