Thursday, January 14, 2010

Haiti Relief Effort

The earthquake in Haiti is devastating. One of our sons was born in Haiti and it was hard to sit and look at the pictures of the devastation with him. Even though he doesn't live there anymore, Haiti is the country of his birth and what happens effects him and our family. We have heard from the orphanage that he was at and they are all okay. It will be hard in the days to come to get supplies, fuel and food.
Many ministries in Haiti need support as the need is great to help the people of Haiti.
Here are a couple of agencies that are already at work in Haiti and need your help:
The orphanages that I listed are truly servants of the Lord in Haiti. A big challenge is the cost of fuel to run their generators. They care for a lot of sick little ones and the generators are essential to keep this precious little ones alive. Below is an interview that Dixie Bickel at God's Littlest Angels did with Matt Lauer on the Today Show.
Please pray for all of these organizations as the minister to so many needs.

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  1. Kari - that video was great! We are praying over the orphanages, children all effected by this tragic event.

    Thanks for all you do in the name of Jesus for the orphans!