Friday, September 17, 2010

UCount - Join in the fight against Trafficking

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Orphans are at great risk for human trafficking. They are at risk because when they age out of the orphanage they have no where to work, no where to sleep, no one knows that they are missing. When a stranger approaches them with promises of a bright future with a job and more money than they could dream they jump at the change of what looks like a better life. They quickly find out that they are now trapped in an industry

You can make a difference.

This weekend Sept. 18 and 19th at Timberline Church, UCount will be having a spotlight on their ministry. That means that they will be sharing with us what has happened in the last year and where they feel God is leading them in the next year and beyond. Several guests will be hosting tables in the mall area so that we can meet them face to face and find out how we can get involved.

The worst thing we can do is nothing. God is calling us to do something!!

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