Thursday, August 11, 2011

Haiti - One year ago today

One year ago today Pastor Reza, Sean and Tiffany Cherry and I visited Son of God Orphanage for the first time.

We were overwhelmed with the love that filled us completely for these kids. A love that only come from God. A love that would keep us pressing in for His Glory for each and every one of these kids.

Since our initial trip to Haiti last August, we have had 3 teams go to Son of God.
Those three teams have made an impact in the lives of these children. They brought hope, they brought medicine, they brought fun, they brought sunshine on a cloudy day, but most of all they brought hope and love that can only come from one source - Jesus Christ.

Timberline Church you have made an impact in the lives of these children. When our teams stood before you during the weekend service before we left - your hearts joined in prayer for each person that was taking a step of faith in serving the least of these. As God brought the team to your mind over the following week, you prayed. You have committed to sponsoring the children spiritually and financially. Through your financial support we have been providing food and water for the kids. It is hard to measure the results that your prayer support has provided for these kids. I know by visiting with some of our sponsors that their experience in sponsoring a child financially and spiritually has expanded their heart beyond their home, beyond their neighborhood to another country, to a child that feel connected to. That heart connection that they talk about can only come from the Holy Spirit. God knits our hearts together in a powerful way when we walk in obedience.

Today we find our hearts are committed to advocating for these kids in whatever way God opens the door to.

Prayer and fasting are the most powerful and effective tool we have in standing in the gap for these kids.

When God calls you to go near the things that break His heart your life will never be the same!

While we have faced more challenges that we thought possible with our first Orphan Ministry partnership, we have found that God is present, God is near and God is faithful!

God came to set the captive free and He is calling the body of Christ to put themselves in position to be a witness - to be a voice - to be an intercessor - and to respond and act as He leads.

What does God require of us, His children in this situation?

Micah 6:8 He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you, But to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?

Please join us in fasting and praying for these kids from Monday, August 15th through Monday, August 22nd. We will have two corporate prayer times during this time. If you are in Northern Colorado and would like to join us to pray, please send me an email:

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