Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our first Project 1.27 Family Finalizes their Adoption

Bitterman Adoption 05-20-10 019.jpg


Last week I had the honor of joining one of our families in court as the judge finalized their adoption of 3 and 5 year old half-siblings.

As I sat there and watched the judge sign the adoption decrees, I was overwhelmed with the knowledge that these children are no longer wards of the state. They have been given a name. That name entitles them to privileges they wouldn't otherwise have.
Jeff and Kerri were obedient to respond to God's call on their heart to adopt. They didn't know where there "yes" answer would lead, but they went forward anyway.
Sometimes we don't know where God will lead when we say "yes". That is part of the faith journey that God is calling us on. Moving forward without being able to see the end of the road.
I once heard that faith is spelled, R-I-S-K.
Thank you to their family for allowing me to be there on your special day - It blessed my heart and reminded me that I too have been given a new name. When I accepted Jesus as my personal savior I too was given a new name "child of God" and with that comes privileges only the child of the most high can receive. :)

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