Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Off to Haiti!!! :)

A new video was just posted of Son of God Orphanage last week. I will put the video in another post for some reason it won't connect right now.
Tomorrow we will be there!!

Please pray:
-for our team (Pastor Reza, Sean and Tiffany Cherry and myself) , Hopechest staff (Vince arrives in Haiti today) as we travel together and seek God's will for Timberline's partnership with Son of God Orphanage.
- discernment into what their immediate needs are and how we can meet them or help them find local support to get them met
- clarity and unity of vision
- safety and health
- please pray for all of our families at home. It is tough to have mom and/or dad away for any period of time.

We are very excited to meet the directors, the staff and the kids at Son of God Orphanage. :)


  1. Hi Kari!
    I'm friends with Jill S. who told me that you live in Loveland! My husband and I (and our kids) lived in FC for 2 years, have been in PA almost 1 year, and are heading back to Fort Collins permanently (we think!) in a couple of weeks. Great to make a local connection! I didn't realize Timberline had such an active adoption ministry!

  2. Great to meet you Alison. Please let me know when you are here!!!! I would love to meet you in person.

  3. Will do! We'll be in Fort Collins 1 week from today!

  4. Yea - I look forward to hearing from you!!!! :)