Monday, October 25, 2010

Mark Schultz - Everything To Me - story behind the song

As Orphan Sunday and National Adoption Month gets closer my mind frequently goes towards thoughts of our children's birthmothers. Even though they are not physically in our life, they are (in a way) through our children. We pray for them, we think about them and we talk about them. I am grateful for the decision that they made to give life to their unborn child and that they made an adoption plan. When we met our daughter's birthmom in another state she was very direct in telling Jeff and I "don't think for a moment that I don't love my daughter. I love her and want her to have what I cannot give her. I want her to have a mom and a dad." Those words bring comfort to our daughter every time she hears me tell her the words that her birthmom told us. Mark Schulz was adopted and he wrote the song below for his birthmom. The first video is Mark Schulz' story on how he came to write the song and the second link it to the music video. :)

If you would like to know how you can minister to a birthmom please contact our Birthmothers Ministry Leader, Lorraine Meyer at:

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