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How can you support those who are called to adopt?
Adoptive Families Need Your Help
When God puts the desire to adopt on a couple or single parent's heart it is truly an awe filled time, followed by a sense of joy and excitement that can soon be followed by fear. Most people want to be in situations that they can control. When you are pregnant there is a sense of control and timing. With adoption, each and every step is a step of faith. Adoptive moms and dads often describe the waiting time as exciting and scary at the same time. Being obedient to whatever God calls us to do can bring both of those feelings. Preparing for your child/children to come home is the same as preparing for the birth of a baby. You buy things you think you might need, you read books about parenting. Friends and family ask "when is your child coming home"? The road to and through adoption can be a difficult journey.
Instead of attending birthing classes at their local hospital they are attending pre-adoption classes at their agency. Adoptive families read books about attachment, grief and loss, handling challenging behaviors (that you hope you will never have to deal with). You try to educate your family and friends about how things might be.
What catches some families by surprise (it did me!) is that it can take time, sometimes a long time for you to feel like you have some order in your life. That's when you need to call in your support team. Establishing your support team before your child/children come home can be very helpful. In the moment you may not even be able to tell people exactly what you need.
Focus on the Family has put together a great little booklet called Wrapping Around Adoptive Families.

W.- Wrestle in Prayer - knowing that someone is covering you in prayer is a blessing
R. - Respite Care - respite care is crucial to the well-being of the family and usually does not come into play until the child has been home for several months.
A. - Acts of Service - meals, errands, laundry, yard work, cleaning, financial assistance, gifts
P. - Promise of God - promises are woven throughout God's word. Providing encouragement including those promises through notes, calls or emails can be a powerful source of comfort.

This booklet goes into much more detail. If you are an adoptive family it would be good for you to give this booklet to those in your life who can offer you support. If you have been wondering how you could better support an adoptive family in your life, this booklet is a great resource. If you are in Northern Colorado and would like some copies I would be happy to give you some. Just send me an email. :)
These are available to order through Focus on the Family:

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