Saturday, November 13, 2010

Orphan Sunday Food Packing Event with Change this World

Way to go Kids Blast Kids and our awesome Joy Team volunteers - You packed 4200 meals at
our food
packing event with Change This World at our Orphan Sunday Event!
only did you exceed our goal of 4000 meals you also raised $1500!!!
Thank you to our Children's Ministry Leaders, Nikki Crosson and Trevor Laughlin and to Rita
Noel from our Welcome Child Team.
They really wrapped their hearts around this event. Because of their enthusiasm, all of the
kids in Kids Blast heard how they can have an impact in the life of a child in another county.
They wrote letters to the kids at Son of God Orphanage.
Here is a little sample of what some of them said:

Dear Piere, You are not alone. Don't give up. There are people who are praying
for you.
Dear Gerome, I promise I will pray for you every night. God Loves You.
Dear Taina, I am at church and thinking about you. We are talking about what
your life is like and I will pray for you. God is with you.
Dear Cophe, I hope this food helps you. I think you will like it. I brought a lot of
quarters to help.
Dear Martial, I wish you are safe.

I have had a lot of WOW moments in the last week and reading these letters
was one of them. The seeds planted in their young hearts for adoption and orphan
ministry will grow and bear much fruit in their lives and those around them. :)

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