Thursday, November 11, 2010

Otter Cares blesses our Haiti trip!!

Timberline Church Donation Delivery

OtterBox is a locally owned company.
They recently formed a Foundation, Otter Cares not only as a way to give back to their community, but to get their employees volunteering in the community.
Otter Cares is dedicated to educating and empowering youth towards positive growth.

Recently they gave each of their employees $200 and challenged them to grow that money and give it to a local charity.

Welcome Child and specifically the Son of God Orphanage - our partner in Haiti, was the recipient of a $3,285 donation from Otter Cares!!!
This money will go a long way in blessing the lives of the 126 children at Son of God Orphanage. Our team will be visiting the orphanage next month led by Sean and Tiffany Cherry, Welcome Child’s Global Orphan-Care leaders.

Thank you Otter Cares!!

On November 9th, the Coloradoan did a feature article on Otter Cares:

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