Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Haiti Update

Thank you to all of you who have been such a great support to Welcome Child's Orphan Ministry. I wanted to share an update with you.
We have an amazing team at Timberline Church that has been preparing to travel to Haiti for the last 4 months. They were set to leave this week and minister to the children and the staff at Son of God Orphanage. Because of all the unrest in Haiti that was brought on by the elections the decision was made yesterday to postpone this trip.
We are anxious to get back to Son of God Orphanage to show them in person how much we love them.
Please join us in praying for all the kids and staff at Son of God Orphanage. They have had some cases of cholera with 26 of the kids being hospitalized last week. 23 of them have been released and are back at the orphanage. The child that our family sponsors, Louis Kenson is one that is still in the hospital. This is a picture of me with him in Haiti when we were there in August.
Your prayers will make a difference in the lives of these children.
Thank you! :)

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    1. Oh no! I am praying for all the kids,and Louis especially. I hope the trip can go soon!