Thursday, December 23, 2010


Merry Christmas to you and your families. I am sure your home is teeming with excitement like ours is. Company arrives tomorrow. We have baked, we have cleaned, we have shopped and wrapped, and listened to every Christmas CD in the house - we are ready.
This morning I was looking at Manger Scenes on the internet trying to decide on one to use for this post. Zinnia came and sat on my lap and was looking at them with me. When I clicked on the Fisher Price Manger Scene she said "That's it - that's for baby Jesus and it sings Away in the Manger". Zinnia ( 7 year old) being Zinnia had to get up immediately, pulling me by my hand leading me to the living room where we have this on display and push the angel so that the star could light up and we could sing Away in the Manger with the music.
It is such a blessing to watch the Miracle of Christmas unfold in our children's hearts and minds.
So how could I not use this picture? It is about God's amazing gift to us - His Son Jesus!!
Praying for all of you this season. :)

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