Sunday, January 2, 2011


Sunday, January 9th at 5:00pm in Room 211 at Timberline Church- Mark and Kristin Orphan will be sharing about their adoption journey and the challenges that can be presented in marriage when you are parenting children that have been hurt.
Mark and Kristin do a great job at being real while at the same time providing support and encouragement for those who are on this journey.
Kristin started Finally Home Foundation in CA. It has been a tremendous support to families who have attended a FHF event. We are looking forward to having FHF launch in CO in April.
The need is real and we want to be a part of supporting families who say "yes" to providing a home for children in need of temporary care or a forever family.
Childcare is available for this event.
Please register at:
Filling in the blanks on the form add:
Leader: Jeff and Kari Stewart
Ministry Group Name: Welcome Child Adoption/Foster Care Support Group

From Finally Home Foundation Website:

The Need
Families often find themselves isolated and struggling with some of the following challenges:

1. Marital Crisis

2. Financial Crisis

3. Need for mentorship from experienced foster/adoptive parents

4. Need for extra curricular activities to build self-esteem and promote healing for the foster/adopted child

What a great way to start the year supporting and encouraging each other!!!! Thank you to Mark and Kristin for your willingness to share - we appreciate you!!! :)

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