Thursday, January 20, 2011

This adorable little girl needs a family!!

Isn't she ADORABLE!!! Samyiah is waiting for a family to call her own. Samyiah was born in March 09'. Below is a brief profile written by her caseworker:

Samyiah is a very happy toddler who rarely cries or reacts negatively. Being in the middle of family interactions makes this tyke happy; she thrives when she is doted upon or given lots of verbal and physical attention. Samyiah is a curious child who has surpassed many of the expectations of medical professionals and continues to gain developmental ground at every turn. She was premature at birth and continues to use a g-tube and feeding machine. Physical therapy helps her strengthen her muscle tone and she receives occupational therapy to help her with dexterity and feeding herself. For a premature child, Samyiah is developing mostly on target. She is achieving milestones but sometimes a little later than other typical children her age. The caseworker prefers a family who will keep her current foster parents in her life, allowing them to assume the role of perhaps grandparents. Given Samyiah's many needs, it will likely be a challenge to find many qualified respite providers; the current caregivers are willing and desiring an ongoing relationship with Samyiah if at all possible. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services. For Colorado children, both homestudied and non-homestudied Colorado families are encouraged to inquire; only homestudied families from other states should do so.

Please pray for her forever family to be united with her soon!!! For more information about Samyiah's contact the Adoption Exchange at 303-755-4756. Her case number is #9370. :)

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  1. She is just a little doll-baby! Praying her family finds her soon.