Monday, February 7, 2011

Adoption is a Journey of Faith

I was recently talking with friends who feel God is leading them on an adoption journey. They have been going through a difficult time, waiting for God to reveal His bigger plan of adoption for them.
Waiting is hard!!! There is no way around it. Being matched with a birthmom and then having it fall through, wondering can we do it again? Can we put ourselves in the position to have our heart disappointed and hurt if it doesn't work out again?

Jeff and I found ourselves in this same position several years ago. The day we were to to travel and pick up our new daughter, the birthmom we had been working with changed her mind. It was devastating!! In my mind and heart that baby was meant to be in our family. I cried for days and asked God "Why? Why is so hard to adopt one little baby, when you put this desire on my heart so deeply?"
The Holy Spirit ministered to my heart through His word and through the prayers and support of friends. Once again we found ourselves opening our hearts, as we submitted our profile to be considered by prospective agencies. During a four month period, we were called many times by agencies saying that they had a birthmom in labor and asking if we would be interested in adopting the baby. We said yes every time. Then, the next morning we would receive a phone call saying that the birth family had changed their minds. The adoption journey is sometimes a whopper of a roller coaster ride of emotions (I don't like roller coasters, by the way).
Finally, we heard from an agency that wanted to match us with a 1 month old baby girl. That asked if we could come and pick her up at the end of the week? OF COURSE, I nearly shouted into the phone. Though the road was painful, God taught me that He had a plan and it could not be revealed until He was ready. There was nothing sweeter than holding our new daughter that God had entrusted to us.

If you find yourself in this position anywhere in your adoption journey - Press In and Press On in Faith that God is leading you to His perfect will for your family.

The promise in Isaiah 40:31 has encouraged me through all the ups and downs of our adoption journeys:
Yet, those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength, they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not faint.

Josh Wilson's song - Before the Morning - speaks to this truth! :)

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