Saturday, February 19, 2011

Last Night's Orientation


Last night we hosted an orientation for Project 1.27 at Timberline Church. 150 people attended!!
It is always an honor to host Project 1.27 in any capacity.
Their vision and heart for the children of Colorado who need forever families is contagious. Their passion for the families that adopt these children resonated through the entire event.
The Shea Family spoke about their experiences in adopting through Project 1.27 and Larimer County. They did a fabulous job of sharing their experience and how God led and confirmed them at each step. They openly shared the joys and the challenges.
The key comment that kept coming up through the night was: SUPPORT!! As an adoptive family you can never have too much support. We need to have people in our lives, that know our stuff (this can be hard sometimes), that know what we are going through, that know the daily challenges that we face so that at a moments notice they can be available to help.
God doesn't lead us down this road of adoption without bringing those into our lives who can and will support us.
If you are finding that you need support, please consider joining us as we begin the Created to Connect Study by Dr. Karyn Purvis at Timberline Church this Sunday at 5pm.
If you cannot join us, but would like to connect with someone to talk with please feel free to email me at:

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