Thursday, March 3, 2011

Holy Ground

There are so many joys and anticipation in our adoption and foster care journey's. There are also undeniable challenges that come our way.
Sometimes when we are in the middle of a difficult time, it is hard to say these words:
"For the ground on which you walk is Holy".
I have been told that I view most things through the lens of adoption and orphan ministry. That is probably true, as these are always foremost in my mind and heart. In my devotions this week I read a poem titled "Desert Traveler". It really confirmed in my heart what I know can be true when we are obediently to say "yes" to God's call on our families to adopt or to provide foster care to children in need.

Desert Traveler

by Kathleen Long Bostrom

Before you stretches nothingness,
barren, endless, vast,
not even a horizon
on which to set your course.

Here, in the desert,
fists of fire beat upon you
and darkness settles
like a shroud.

Here, in the desert,
you must leave behind the load of rocks
you drag with you through life.
Cast aside the stones of shame, regret, control.
Their weight will kill you here, in the desert.

But carry only the cup of new life,
and sip from its cooling waters.
Or pour it out upon you head
and be baptized in the dust.

For from the dust we have come,
and to dust we shall return.

It was the Spirit who led Jesus to this place. (Matthew 4:1-11)
So take off your shoes.
and step upon the scorching soil,
then bow down and kiss the earth,
For the ground on which you walk is holy.

It is great to remember that although it can be lonely, dry and dusty in the desert, when we walk in obedience we truly are standing on holy ground. There is life in the desert place where you may find yourself right now.

When we say "yes" to the call of adoption and foster care we are placing ourselves in a powerful position to do battle for the child/children that God places in our lives.

Ephesians 6:10-19 tells us exactly where are battle lies and how to equip ourselves with the armor of God.

In the desert we have to trust God for the horizon.
In the desert we have to trust God to carry us through.
In the desert we have to trust God for the Victory!!


  1. Thanks, Kari, for posting this. It is water to my dry desert soul right now. God is carrying Andy and I currently--Thank you God!