Monday, March 14, 2011

Medical Trip is Home from Haiti

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Ryan Weissmann
Thank you so much for your prayers for our medical team that went to serve in Haiti last week.
Our team is pictured above (front row, left to right: Shirley, Susan, Rita, Kayla, Julie, Kari, Sara back row: Ron, Dan, Dr. Mark, Ryan, Larry and Dr. Andrea). We are grateful to this awesome team for their willingness to be the hands and feet of Jesus last week, by ministering to all the children and staff at Son of God Orphanage. Each person on this team played a significant role in making the trip a success. I love the mission's beatitude that Pastor Mark shared on Mission's weekend: "Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be broken." There were many times on this trip when flexibility was needed and team members responded through hearts of love.

During our time there, we were able to observe and provide medical physicals for the kids we sponsor at Son of God Orphanage in Carrefour. Some had never seen a doctor before. Most were doing well health-wise. The timing of our team;s arrival was a huge blessing to a couple of really sick kids. Roseme, a 13 year old girl, had to admitted to the hospital. Please pray for her, as she is still in the hospital and they are unsure of what is causing her sickness.

The photo beside our team picture is of our interpreters and security staff who close to us all week. They love the Lord, they love Haiti, and they want to see God move mightily in their country.

Right now we have another team in Haiti, being led by Sean and Tiffany Cherry. They arrived as we were leaving last Saturday. Please keep them in your prayers and pray that God will continue to use our teams to bless the staff and the children at Son of God Orphanage. :)

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