Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last month we went to visit an orphanage in Guatemala City. From the moment you walk through the front doors of Jesucristo es mi Casa you feel the love of God flowing through every room. To me it felt more like walking into a home of a large family. The kids and staff knew that we were coming and were ready to sing some songs of welcome to us, along with a lot of hugs and kisses on the cheeks.

Pastor Araceli is the director/founder of this orphanage. She said that God spoke to her heart that she needed to do something to help another orphanage that was full to capacity, which led her to open Jesucristo es mi Casa. She quickly began receiving referrals of children from the local police and children services dept. These kids need love and healing that can only come through the power and love of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Araceli is also a pastor of a vibrant, caring church in the community. They have a community center that serves a free lunch to anyone that comes through the doors. Daily you will see infants - through seniors come to be fed and ministered to. They know that they can not only count on a good meal (for some their only meal of the day), but they know that they will sing praise songs and hear the word of God. This meal time happens during a lunch break for the kids in school, so parents are able to bring their kids to eat before or after they attend school (kids either attend school in the morning or afternoon in the public schools in Guatemala City).
This community center also has a clinic. The doctor that has been seeing members in the community is now sick and is not able to help. Please join us in praying that Pastor Araceli is able to connect with a local physician who can come to the community center a couple times a week.

The kids all received new dresses for the girls and shorts and t-shirts for the boys from Dress a Girl. Dress a Girl is a new ministry that has recently started at Timberline Church. As you can tell they are very proud of their new clothes.

We feel honored at Timberline Church to come alongside Pastor Araceli as she has stepped out in obedience to love and care for these precious children. :)

If you would like to know more about how you can support or get involved with this ministry in Guatemala, please contact Tiffany Cherry at:

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