Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Happy Fathers Day to all of you Dads!!

Fathers play a role in a child's life that no one else can play. I am grateful for my dad. I am grateful for the truths he spoke into my life, with his words and his actions. He was my dad and my pastor - a difficult combination at times. On Aug. 1, 1987 he passed away suddenly. I was 23 years old and Hannah, our youngest daughter at the time, was 6 weeks from turning 1 year old. I really struggled with feeling angry at God for taking my dad when he was so young. I still needed my dad. I still needed to ask him advice. I still needed a hug that only a dad can give. I actually wanted to listen to his sermons now. :) In his sermons I learned more about him, about the things he held close to his heart and about the things he was passionate about.
In our daily life he modeled compassion in action. He always had time to stop and offer a word of encouragement to anyone, whether he knew them or not. One day when we were shopping, he asked my two sisters and me to wait for him at the door. We saw him walk over to an older woman and say something to her. Her face lite up as my dad spoke to her. When he came back I asked him "What did you say to her?" He said that he felt like God wanted him to
remind her that "God loved her and would never leave her". I will never forget that visual picture of obedience that my dad displayed. It is a reminder to me that we never know what is going on in someone's life. Be obedient in a simple act of offering a word of encouragement, it truly could change their life.
My dad was passionate about missions. Even pastoring small churches with small budgets, a portion of the money always went to international missions. He loved having missionaries come to our church and stay in our home. He never went on a missions trip or traveled internationally, but he believed that God had called the church to spread the gospel to every tribe and every nation.

While I struggled with anger at God for taking my dad young, I learned that God could handle my anger. He turned that anger into action in my life!

Dad's - God has given you the opportunity to speak into the lives of your children in ways that will remain for eternity. Your testimony, your passions and your actions will continue to lead your children in God's will for their lives.


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