Monday, July 11, 2011

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As Welcome Child/Timberline Church partners with Jesucristo es me Casa in Guatemala City, we are committed to supporting them financially, spiritually and physically. We need you to be a part of that vision!! It is not about what we can do individually, but what we can do as the body of Christ, coming together to support and pray for these kids.

Today 20 kids need a sponsor!!!
Daniel, Sebastian and Fernanda are three of them.

As a sponsor, you would commit to a monthly donation of $34 that would go towards providing food, housing and education.

In addition, you would be asked to pray for this child. No dollar amount can be placed on the the value that your prayers. Even though the children are well cared for and loved by the staff, they do not have a parent in their life that is providing that prayer covering for them.

Prayer will not only have an effect on your sponsored child's life, it will also change your life. As you are obedient to pray for your child, your world and heart will expand beyond your location. God will draw your heart closer to things that are on His heart.

Please contact Tiffany Cherry for more information about sponsoring one of these

Then he said to them, "Whoever welcomes this little child in My name welcomes Me; and whoever welcomes Me welcomes the One who sent Me. For he who is the least among you all --- he is the greatest.
Luke 9:48

Matthew West - "My Own Little World"
This line resonates in my heart:

I don't want to miss what matters,
I wanna be reaching out.
Show me the greater purpose.
So I can start living right now
outside my own little world.

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