Friday, July 29, 2011

Haiti Adoption Information

As our church and community has embraced the children that we serve in Haiti, we hear many requests for information about adopting children in Haiti. Haiti is open for adoption and many children are waiting to be matched with families. I have listed some agencies and orphanages below.

Working with a supportive and experienced agency is important. The agencies and orphanages listed have MANY years of experience in Haiti. :)

A Love Beyond Borders

You can contact Stephanie directly at for more information.
A Love Beyond Borders works with a couple orphanages in Haiti. One the orphanages that they work with is Children of the Promise in Cap- Haitien, Haiti (our son Luke was at this orphanage).

Bethany Christian Services
You can contact Bonnie directly at 866-933-6830 for more information.
Bethany Christian Services works directly with God's Littlest Angels in Petion-ville, Haiti:

A few guidelines regarding adoption requirements in Haiti:
  • Haiti does not allow single men to adopt.
  • Haiti does allow single women to adopt.
  • Haiti has a minimum age limit for parents. Couples must be at least 35 years of age unless there is documented infertility.
  • Haiti requires that couples be together at least 7 to 10 years.
  • Haiti will allow families with up to 2 biological children to adopt with a Presidential dispensation. (special approval) - If your family size exceeds the number of children allowed, you can submit a request for Presidential approval. Agencies are seeing larger families approved to adopt.
  • One or two parents may be required to travel to submit adoption paperwork and finalize the adoption
  • The average adoption process in Haiti is approx. 2 years from the start of your homestudy until your child comes home.

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  1. International adoption can be such a beautiful thing. We completed our first adoption in Denver, but I'm looking to complete our next one internationally. There are simply too many children who need homes to turn our backs on them.