Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thankful for where God has led us this year!!


I am Thankful!!!

God has allowed Welcome Child and Timberline Church to be a part of something we could never imagine. In fact it is not something we would have went looking for.
When we met with Children's Hopechest, we asked to be partnered with a pastor on the ground in Haiti that was ministering to orphans.

Our intent was to come alongside what God was calling him and his community to do in Haiti. As we began to take teams to this orphanage on a regular basis we began to notice inconsistencies in the food that we were having delivered, the items that were donated disappeared, we began to see signs of abuse and the children began opening up to us and other organizations that were at the orphanage frequently. We began documenting these things, not realizing that God was going to use this documentation to set these kids free from the situation that they were in.

The spiritual warfare that we have experienced personally and as a team has been unlike anything any of us has ever experienced. While we didn't go looking to be partnered with an orphanage such as this, we are so thankful that God led us there. We have learned more about God's heart for justice - we have learned more about God's power and authority - we have learned that the power of prayer is POWERFUL INDEED!!! Not for just those that were directly involved, but to call others to join in the battle through prayer and fasting.

We have seen multiple miracles and mountains moved in the last few months:

- organizations working diligently together to be one voice for these children.
- meetings that we were told would never happen:
* with judges and magistrates
* direct contact with President and First Lady Martelly
- favor for our teams as they took each step in obedience here in the US and in Haiti
- closing of Son of God Orphanage
- new person placed in position at the head of IBESR
- our teams connecting with these kids in their new homes.

One of the most precious miracles is the extention of Katia's story. After we shared with the panel of organizations about Katia's serious risk of dying in the care of those at Son of God Orphanage, she disappeared the next day (see post on November 3). We were heart broken. After a diligent search by authorities in Haiti we were told to presume that Katia had died. It was devestating to all who had heard Katia's story. Her life made God's word come alive in people's hearts. Their hearts rose in justice to advocate for children who are at risk like Katia.

Two weeks ago we heard that Katia and another missing little girl from Son of God had been found and brought into care. They are both at the girls home in Port au Prince with all of the other girls from Son of God. I cannot even describe how precious it was to me to pick up and love on this little girl that I thought had died and had mourned for.

She is happy - she has gained weight - she is smiling - she is laughing and I heard her talk for the first time. She has always been so sick that I have never heard her say anything. I saw her taking care of the little ones. Katia's life is a MIRACLE! Not only did God sustain her through the time that she was missing and on her own - she flourished. Is it possible that God was with her the whole time and that his angels were loving and feeding her? I believe it is!!!

You can tell by the pictures below that Katia is doing exceedingly well. When Tiffany and I were in Haiti a few weeks ago, Tiffany taught the kids how to sign I love you and touch your signed fingers together. After scooping Katia up in my arms I signed "I love you" to her and her face lite up in rememberence. She quickly signed I love you and reached her signed hand to touch mine.

Dear God - Thank you for allowing us to share in this amazing journey for these children. We are grateful that you have allowed our heart to feel a portion of your heart's cry for children just like Katia. You oh God - cry out for justice and mercy in such a powerful way that you call us to be your hands and feet here on this earth. We love you Lord and are thankful that you led us to advocate for these children. In your precious name we pray - Amen.

He has told you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you. But to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?
Micah 6:8

As you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family - take time to Thank God for this miracle!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you - May your time with family and friends be sweet!! :)


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