Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Oh my goodness - These siblings are absolutely precious. They are waiting for YOU!!

Okay, no pressure really. Please pray for Delfino (5 years old), Serenity (4 years old) and Jacob (almost 2) as they wait!!! Share their information with your family and friends. You just might be the connection they need to finding their family. :)

Here is a brief profile that their case worker wrote about them:

Meet this wonderful sibling group! There is Delfino, who is the big brother; Serenity, the middle child; and Jacob, the youngest. Delfino has tons of energy. He has made a lot of progress since coming into care. Playing with other kids and trusting adults are two things he has been learning. Talkative and curious, Delfino needs reinforcement from parental figures and would be very happy to have two parents who love him. This little guy loves to eat spicy foods. Serenityis also progressing well. She can be very charming and follows directions with ease. Active and talkative, this lass loves her baby dolls and giving hugs. Jacob, youngest of the group, is an appealing, active child. He is happy being held and wants plenty of attention. Jacob needs patient and structured parents who can help him reach his potential. He is a very curious and strong-willed toddler.

You can contact the Adoption Exchange for more information. 303-755-4756

Their case numbers are:
9745, 9746, 9747

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