Friday, January 6, 2012

U Count Partnering with Homeless Gear

Timberline Church and U COUNT Campaign has partnered with Homeless Gear to provide breakfast snack bags to the overnight shelter in Fort Collins.

Currently there are not enough permanent beds in the two homeless night shelters to provide shelter to everyone that wants it. People who utilize the emergency overflow night shelter do not receive a warm meal in the morning as they do at the permanent shelters.

We have adopted the month of February and plan to collect, assemble and deliver 1,000 bags. We are collecting items now thru the end of January & will begin distributing bags in February.


· Collect and provide component parts of each bag

· Provide completed breakfast bags (ready to distribute)

· Provide cash for us to purchase components for the bags
(checks can be made out to Timberline Church w/Breakfast Bags in the memo line)
· . Provide labor to assemble bags

Components of Breakfast Sacks Must Be:

· Able to be easily opened without mechanical devise
· Able to be eaten straight away or by adding hot water

· Non perishable or shelf life longer than 6 months

· Commercially produced and packaged

· In individual sized containers

Typical Breakfast Sack Components (these are just ideas):

Lunch sized paper bag or grocery bag, plastic spoons and forks, napkin

Granola Bars, Raisins, Oatmeal or other Instant Hot Cereal
Juice Box, Cereal Snack Boxes & Powdered Milk Fruit Roll Ups or Fruit Snacks, Peanut Butter Crackers Jerky, Trail Mix, Nuts, Fruit Cups, Pudding Cups Hot Chocolate Packets (just add water), Instant Soups, Instant Mac and Cheese

We suggest the following for each bag:
· 3 food items – these do not need to be breakfast items. · 2 drink items – one ready to drink and one that hot water can be added (hot chocolate, tea, coffee etc.)

Please drop off items at the bin marked Breakfast Bags located at guest services or by the South auditorium.

For more information contact Misty Wisdo at:

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