Monday, March 12, 2012

CSU Fostering Success

CSU Fostering Success Program supports students who were previously in foster care. The Student Support office realized that these students were not receiving care packages from home and wanted to establish a program that would send them care packages a few times a year.
Last week I had the opportunity to shop and deliver suggested items to CSU as they prepared to send care packages out the end of the week.
While I was at Starbucks ordering several gift cards for the care packages, the young man that was working there asked why I was buying so many. I told him about CSU and their fostering success program. He stopped scanning the cards through the machine and got emotional as he said "It is people like you who made a difference in my life. I came from a broken family and it was people like you who made me think I could do something beyond high school."
WOW!! I didn't really need confirmation of how impactful a program like this is in a young persons life, but those few words from his heart were a priceless gift that I need to share with others.:)
Please consider getting your organization or ministry involved in supporting Fostering Success by donating needed items for the care packages. As this young man shared- it made an impact in his life and these care packages will have an impact on the lives of the students that receive them.
Please contact Erin Pitts at CSU to find out how you can help with their next care package delivery the end of April.

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