Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clarissa's Story of Hope - Safe Families for Children


Safe Families for Children Training 
Sunday - June 24 - Timberline Church
1:00-5:00 - Room 213

Watch Clarissa's Story at the link below:

Safe Families :: Home

Safe Families for Children provides care to kids and parents in crisis with the goal of supporting the entire family so that they can be reunited as quickly as possible.  Safe Families for Children is an opportunity for volunteers to have a powerful impact in the lives of others while practicing biblical hospitality and extending the love of Christ to people in need --- all from their own home!  

Parents like Clarissa find themselves in difficult situations that leaves them unable to care for their kids like they would like to.  These situations might look like:

- unemployment or loss of housing
- financial difficulties
- postpartum depression
- illness or hospitalization
- incarceration of one parent

Your compassionate response to serve families in our community through Safe Families for Children will have a positive impact in their life.  :)

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