Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Safe Families for Children - We need You!!

Safe Families for Children is launching in Northern Colorado!!!!

Matthews House along with Northern Colorado Christian Alliance for Orphans and churches in our community would like to invite you to be a part of launching this Family Strengthening Initiative in Northern Colorado.

Safe Families for Children provides care to kids and parents in crisis with the goal of supporting the entire family so that they can be reunited as quickly as possible.  Safe Families for Children is an opportunity for volunteers to have a powerful impact in the lives of others while practicing biblical hospitality and extending the love of Christ to people in need --- all from their own home!  

Parents find themselves in difficult situations that leaves them unable to care for their kids like they would like to.  These situations might look like:

- unemployment or loss of housing
- financial difficulties
- postpartum depression
- illness or hospitalization
- incarceration of one parent

There are many ways that you can help Safe Families for Children be a success in our community:

- Become a Host Family-hosts families give the kids a safe place to be while their parents work out the     details of getting their family back together.
- Support a host family through meals, supplies, prayer and encouragement
- Support through a financial gift to help Safe Families for Children to be the net of support that these families need
- Become a Safe Families for Children Church

**Orientation and Training for all levels of involvement will be on Sunday - June 24 at Timberline Church from 1-5 pm.  

We have become aware of a situation of a single mom needing to have surgery in July.  She does not have a network of support to help her care for her 5 year old daughter during her hospitilization and rehabilitation (4-6 weeks).  Let's support this mom by spreading the word about Safe Families for Children!!  

Safe Families for Children will have an impact in helping families!  They will become healthy and successful through family support services that will include Extended Coaching from the staff at Matthews House.  These coaches will meet with the parents and help them connect with resources and support that they are not aware of, while at the same time creating a net of support that they didn't have to begin with.

You can make a significant impact in a family in our community by committing to support Safe Families for Children in some way.  

Plan on attending this one afternoon training on Sunday, June 24th from 1-5 pm.  

RSVP to Kari Stewart at Karalot9@gmail.com   

Mike Walker has accepted the position as the Director of Safe Families for Children beginning July 1, 2o12.  

For more information about Safe Families for Children go to:  http://www.safe-families.org/

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  1. Wonderful to hear what you are doing Kari. God bless this program!