Friday, December 21, 2012

Finally Home Foundation - End of the Year Matching Grant

Finally Home Foundation supports foster and adoptive families in a significant way.  Please consider participating in this matching grant.

Dear Friend,
When you invest in foster and adoptive families, your gift will be doubled!
When a child joins a forever family, a journey to health and wholeness begins. It’s hard to deny these realities when families come together for a Family Wellness event, with children who exhibit:
» Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (30%).
» Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (57%).  
» Other children attend with Oppositional Defiance Disorder, plus physical and mental health challenges, caused by trauma and neglect.
These precious families need your help!
Until December 31, your investment in these treasured families will be doubled by a generous $20,000 matching gift from the owners of OtterBox. This means your gift of:
√    $    100 becomes $200
    $    250 becomes $500
    $    500 becomes $1,000, and
    $ 2,500 becomes $5,000.
            When you consider a year-end investment, it’s hard to imagine a stock that could double what you put into it, especially by December 31.  [click here] to give now.
With the partnership from OtterBox, you can become like one of the two faithful servants in Matthew 25:21-23, dramatically increasing what was assigned to them.
            Your response by December 31 also propels the cause of healthy foster-adoptive families – enabling them to attend a Family Wellness Retreat, join a Support Group, or benefit from Scholarships.
God bless you for caring. Your gift of any size, received by December 31, is fully tax-deductible, and matched. To make an online gift, [click here]
Kristin Orphan
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Match Gift Challenge
Goal: $20,000
Today's Status: $15,769
Amount to go by December 31: $4,231
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