Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Two brothers wish for 2013 - A Family!

Seth and Justin long to have a family to call their own.  Seth is 9 years old and Justin is 7 years old.  This is what their case worker shared about them: 

Seth is a unique and likeable guy, who enjoys playing with his peers. He has a magnificent memory and would be happy to take you on in any memory games. When he is feeling energetic, he likes to go to the park or play with his scooter. During quieter times, Seth indulges in writing and reading. In the third grade, he benefits from an IEP (Individualized Education Plan); he has progressed leaps and bounds recently. Justin is a helpful kid who is very interested in arts and crafts, books, puzzles, video games and Batman. He is a bright boy who does extremely well in the second grade and, like his older brother, really enjoys reading and writing. Justin tends to relate especially well with adults and can be warm and affectionate with those he trusts. If you want to make him feel proud and important, give him a task to do and see the successful product as he beams.

 For more information about these brothers, contact the Adoption Exchange at - 1-800-451-5246  Their case numbers are 9819 and 9820.

The Adoption Exchange

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