Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Tradition Idea

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A friend of mine shared this tradition that they have in their family. I love the idea and thought you would be blessed too:

Each card that we get goes into our prayer box. It is a box I bought from a party store during the holiday season. Ours has little snowmen all over it :)
Anyway, after Christmas - we begin to draw one card a day from the prayer box. We pray over this family several times that day. If we pull out a card with a photo of an elected official we pray over them. This year I'm going to add countries to pray over too. You can add family and friends photos too that did not send you a Christmas card.
Each day the children beg to pick the card for the day. They love praying over your families and our family too!
They learn about the needs of each family as I pray over them too -then as time goes on they will often ask me if and how God answered their prayers.

Isn't that a great idea????
Thanks Jill for sharing this tradition - you can check out Jill's blog at:


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