Thursday, July 15, 2010

Agape Outreach International

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Agape Outreach International is partnering with a ministry in Tororo, Uganda. They are hosting a benefit garage sale at South Gate Church in Fort Collins on July 23 and 24 to raise money for windows and doors needed to complete this building to the satisfaction of the government to allow the kids to stay there.
Here are some ways that you can help:
-Donate items
-Volunteer to help set-up
-Shop at the sale (I love garage sales!!)
-Volunteer to help during the sale
-Volunteer to clean-up after the sale
-Share with your friends about this sale
For more information about volunteering please contact:
Russell & Sherry Peck
Agape Outreach International
The Power to Change the Life of a Child is in Your Hands
(970) 290-5090

Please contact Russ and Sherry to see how you can help out with this event!!!! :)

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