Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tom Davis at Timberline

Children's HopeChest - Engaging, Connecting and Transforming The World's Orphans
Tom Davis and the staff of Children's HopeChest will be at Timberline Church on July 31/Aug. 1. Tom will be available to sign copies of his new book Priceless on Sunday Aug. 1 from 8:30 - 1:00. Children's HopeChest will bring their new Orphan Experience Exhibit. It is a powerful exhibit, allowing us as the viewers to hear and see first hand how orphans are at risk for sex trafficking.

Sex Trafficking is not on my list of favorite things to talk about, especially child sex trafficking. It is horrific and painful to even think about. However, just because it is painful and uncomfortable to talk about doesn't mean we are to be quiet about it. Sex Trafficking of children is real. Children that are orphans are at a high risk because there is no one, NO ONE who cares if they don't come back. That statement right there made me stop, pray and take a deep breathe. There may be no one on this earth that cares for them, but they have a Heavenly Father who cares deeply for them. And because Jesus cares deeply for them, that means we should too. Jesus believes that someone should stand up for them, that means we should STAND. Jesus cries for them so that means we need to be willing to let God get a hold of our hearts and minds regarding this tough realization so that we too can cry for the abuse these children face numerous times a day.
I believe God is calling us, "his children" to stand in the gap in whatever way He presents to us. In an article that Tom Davis recently wrote titled "The New Face of Slavery" he lists Five Ways that we can get involved:
Pray: Ask God to fulfill His promises to orphans, and to position you exactly in the spot where you can make the greatest difference.
Fast: Every Wednesday a group of believers from across the country meet on the phone to
fast and pray for children trapped in poverty, abandonment, and violence. You can look up
Give: Our sense of ownership and relationship increases dramatically once we have put some financial “skin” in the game.
Serve: When you put yourself in the “fields of the fatherless,” God will work directly through
your hands to love orphans.
Share: Share your orphan ministry experiences with others, and invite them to get in the

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