Friday, July 16, 2010

Sam is waiting in China for his family!!!


This young man's story touched my heart and I wanted to share his story with you in hopes that maybe his forever family will read about him here.
AAC Adoption and Family Network met Sam in April 2010 at a Journey of Hope camp.

Here is a description written by the staff at AAC:
"This little guy is six years old. He has deformity of some of his fingers and one of his feet. Sam is one of the most amazing children I have every met. Despite his handicap he is capable of doing anything. His personality is so very lively and vivacious. Not only did he participate in every physical activity of the Journey of Hope Camp, he was out there leading on many occasions. His ability and spirit are truly amazing."

Regardless of a child's disability they deserve the love of a forever family. Please pray for Sam to be matched with his forever family soon!!!! :)
Please contact AAC at (970) 532-3576 for more information. You can also visit their website at:

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