Thursday, December 1, 2011

U Count - Dedication of Project Rescue Home of Hope Center


From the moment you walked through the gate, the air was filled with giggles, laughter, joy and excitement. After four years of fundraising efforts, the day finally arrived for the opening of the Project Rescue Home of Hope Center and Sarah Elizabeth Girl's Home.

The center is surrounded by a lush tropical landscape. Flowers, palm trees and shrubs abound, giving it an oasis type feel. Each building has four apartments, each apartment has four spacious bedrooms, and each bedroom will house four-giving capacity for 64 women and 64 girls. All apartments have their own bathrooms and balconies for drying clothes. Solar panels and an elaborate filter system to recycle rainwater help to make the facility energy efficient.

During the program, there were few dry eyes as former victims of sexual exploitation, ages 3 and above, danced in joy, praise and freedom. As bicycles were presented amidst shrieks of joy, I was overwhelmed with the sense that, at this beautiful place, children whose harsh realities in the brothels had deprived them of a childhood, now have the opportunity to be a child once more.

To Timberline Church and all who gave to this wonderful cause - thank you. Through the opportunities now available, you have given these women and girls priceless treasures - safety, identity, dignity and self-respect.


This is what happens when you follow through with something that God puts on your heart. If Bonnie had never responded with obedience to an idea that God placed in her heart and mind, we at Timberline Church would not have been part of watching lives transformed by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ in these womens' and childrens' lives. Thank you to our U Count team for your hard work and perseverance. :)

You can have an impact in the lives of these women by purchasing items that they have made. Shipping is free in the Continental US.

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