Friday, March 12, 2010

Adoption/Foster Care Support Group

This Group will be meeting in Room 208 from 5-7pm

April 11 - We will be having "Ask the Therapist" night.
Demi Wood, is a licensed Family Therapist, adoptive mom and a former foster parent. What a blessing that Demi has agreed to come and spend some time answering some of our questions.

May 2 - Kristin from Northern Colorado Kids will be coming to share some fun family activities that we can take our kids to this summer. She is also bringing coupons and giveaways!!! Sometimes we don't know what is available for us to do as a family to get out and have some affordable fun.

June 6 - Pending acceptance by speaker.

Please make sure that your children are registered for childcare.
We are so blessed to have a staff at Timberline Church that is ready and willing to bless us in this way.
On the registration form under Ministry Name put: Welcome Child Adoption/Foster Care Support Group

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