Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sibling Group of three are waiting for a family to say YES!!!

These siblings need a forever family!!! Please pray for them as they wait and pray for their forever family to be united with them soon.

Here is a brief description:
Some fortunate family will be filled with happiness when they make Kyla, Faith and Camden part of their lives! These three kiddos are full of energy and active, yet all of them have a sensitive, thoughtful and caring side to them. The oldest, Kyla, loves Hannah Montana and she can dance up a storm! Making crafts is a favorite pastime of hers, so all she needs is a pair of scissors, paper, crayons and glue, to be content. Girly things make her smile! She plays the clarinet in the school band, and she likes to help around the house. Now that’s a plus in any home. In the fourth grade, Kyla is a good student who receives As and Bs. Sweet, quiet, delightful and cooperative are just a few words that have been used to describe younger sister Faith. With a great imagination, she likes to play with Barbies, and playing dress-up completes a terrific day! Games are tops on her list, and because she makes friends very easily, there is always someone around to join her. Someday Faith would like to run track or participate in a sport. In the first grade, she does well in school. Camden, the only boy of the group and the youngest, is active, healthy and excels in anything athletic. Football is his favorite sport and someday he would like to be a professional athlete. He has been described as having all the right dance moves! In kindergarten, his favorite time of the day is recess, or when the teacher is reading out loud to the class. He loves one-on-one attention, especially from a male role model, and is affectionate and kind. Video games and watching SpongeBob on TV will keep him happy for a long time! This incredible trio of kids would do best in a home without dogs or cats because of allergies. They would like to remain in contact with their aunt. Their caseworker will accept inquiries from all family types. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related costs. All of the children benefit from counseling, which will need to continue after placement. For Colorado children, both homestudied and non-homestudied Colorado families are encouraged to inquire; only homestudied families from other states should do so. We only accept inquiries on the entire sibling group, who will be placed together.

Contact the Adoption Exchange for more information at: 303-755-4756
Camden is 6, Faith is 7 and Kyla is 10 - Their ID#'s are: 9026,9027 and 9028

Each and every child deserves the love and protection that only a family can provide.


  1. Praying for them Kari!

    What a beautiful sibling group!

    Blessings and love,

  2. Wish we didn't have dogs and cats! Drat.