Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ukraine Orphan Outreach


What a Great Opportunity we have to step into the lives of orphans coming from Ukraine to spend a couple of weeks here in Northern Colorado. We have had the pleasure of having Kris and Clarke Stoesz at our Orphan Sunday events. I appreciate their hearts to serve God by serving these children. This year I wanted to make sure that we announced in advance their needs and how we can support them. So please contact Kris and Clarke to see how you and your family can get involved. These children need forever families! :)
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Ukraine Orphan Outreach is a non-profit organization formed by adoptive parents and others with concern for the future of the ophans. Our main emphasis is to reach orphaned children and make a difference in their future. We bring them to the US to meet and interact with families face to face thru our Cultural Exchange Camps. This program helps give hope in a personal way to those who have none.
July of this year will be our 4th annual Cultural Exchange Camp. During camp the children stay as a group. This allows for safety of the children, consistency, ease of participation by people in the community and security for the children who are comforted in being together. UOO is an all volunteer organization so please consider getting involved with an activity and part of this incredible, life changing program.
Listed below are some ways to get plugged in.
1. Welcome backpacks for each camper: which include items such as toiletries, stationary, etc.
2. Food - this could be providing a prepared meal, sack lunches or groceries to be used during camp.
3. Clothing/Shoe donations - the children arrive with only the clothes on their backs.
4. Suitcases - large ones will be used to carry donated items back to the orphanage. (used is fine)
5. Birthday gifts
6. Medical care - we are looking for donated dental care to be performed during their 3 week visit.
7. Day Coordinators - people who would like to run a day of camp. The basic planning is done but we are looking for volunteers to faciliate the plan and add personal touches.
8. Event sponsors - all activities during camp must be donated (bowling, swimming, aquarium, zoo etc)
9. Bibles - we have a source to purchase Ukraine Bibles and we would like to provide a copy for each camper.
10. Chaperones - during field trips, meal times, mountain camping, lake day, etc
11. Laundry
12. Financial help
13. Prayer support - specifically for the safety of their journey and their time while here in the US. For Camp 2010 to be meaningful in their lives.
Please call Clarke or Kris at (970) 535-4399 if you are interested in finding out how to get plugged in. Thank you for taking time to find out about Ukraine Orphan Outreach!
Kris and Clarke
Kris Stoesz
Ukraine Orphan Outreach
(970) 535-4399

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